Information on business from January 27th to March 21th due to a request from the prefecture to shorten business hours

[The business hours]


[About alcoholic beverage offer]

In principle, the provision of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

[The store outline]
(Weekday and the weekend holiday)

● For a request from a prefecture, it’ll be business to whole day 20:00.
Regular holiday-less (2 days a month).

Access to a store is this.


40 seats (If 20 seats of counter seat, a table seat 10 seat for 2 people and a table seat are connected, even 4 people are possible.)

I’ll run it completely about a Corona measure.

[Match to new-style Corona infection expansion prevention]

Employee’s hand wash and thoroughness of a gargle
Employee’s healthy check (taking the temperature, weariness and cough)
Thoroughness of sterilization of a store
Thoroughness of sterilization in business space
The distance between the customer
Thoroughness of indoor ventilation
Restriction of 1 day coming number of people
Installation of acrylic plates, etc. (or securing the space between seats (1 m or more))
Thorough disinfection of hands by installing disinfection equipment at the entrance of the store
Recommended to wear a mask except during meals
As a general rule, up to 4 people can enter the same table in the same group.
Alcohol disinfectant is being prepared in the store, so when coming to the store, please cooperate in sterilization of a hand finger.