Notice of business hours from July 12 to July 30 due to a request from the prefecture

【Business Hours】

lunch AM11:00〜15:00
dinner PM17:00〜20:30
※We will be open until 20:30 on all days.

【Providing alcoholic beverages】

Alcoholic beverages will only be served during the following hours
all day【11:00〜20:00】

【regular closing day】

Irregular holidays (2 days a month)

Click here for access to the store.


40 seats (20 seats at the counter, 10 seats at the table for 2 persons, and up to 4 persons when the tables are connected)

【Providing alcoholic beverages】

We will strictly adhere to the following conditions when serving alcoholic beverages.

  1. Installation of acrylic panels, etc. (or securing the distance between seats (1m or more))
  2. Disinfection equipment installed at the entrance of the store to ensure thorough hand disinfection
  3. Recommendation to wear masks except during meals
  4. Thorough ventilation
  5. As a general rule, no more than four people in the same group may be admitted to the same table.

We will conduct a thorough business regarding corona countermeasures.

【Efforts to Prevent the Spread of New Coronary Infections】

  • Thorough hand washing and gargling by employees
  • Employee health check (temperature, fatigue, cough, etc.)
  • Thorough disinfection of stores
  • Thorough disinfection of work spaces
  • Distance between customers
  • Thorough indoor ventilation
  • Limit on the number of visitors per day

We also have alcohol disinfectant available at the store, so please help us disinfect your hands when you visit us.